Operations and Maintenance

Capabilities and Experience

  • Grade III-V licensed WWTP operators with 100+ years combined experience constructing, operating, maintaining, and optimizing industrial and remedial treatment systems
  • Providing 24/7/365 O&M and compliance monitoring for industrial treatment plant at rail station maintenance facility
  • Executing routine and non-routine O&M and NPDES monitoring for landfill Superfund site groundwater extraction and treatment systems for USACE
  • Optimized LNAPL recovery system at former Navy tank farm through low cost renovations expediting site closure
  • Maintaining soil vapor extraction system treating diesel spill site at former Navy gasoline station

Charles George Landfill Superfund Site, USACE New England District

  • Repaired and maintaining mature groundwater extraction and treatment system; system less than 20% functional at contract turnover, restored to 70% functionality within 90 days
  • Performing quarterly regulatory discharge monitoring to ensure NPDES permit compliance
  • Updating computer and SCADA system to allow remote monitoring and alarm response