Wastewater Treatment Plant O&M

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Service: Facility Operation and Maintenance
Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant O&M
Client: Massachusetts
Site Location: Somerville, MA
Period of Performance: 2005 – 2011

H&S operates on a 24/7/365 basis two industrial wastewater treatment facilities to remove oily water from waste water for maintenance facilities for locomotives and passenger coaches. Our licensed Grade III to Grade V WWTP operators operate, monitor, record, test, and maintain unit operations, appurtenances and associated equipment including pumps, oil/water separators, filtration systems, equalization and process tanks, ultra-filtration unit, carbon absorption units, chemical feed systems, piping, valves, storage tanks, evaporators, and electrical controls/instrumentation (PLC).

Our operators collect samples and analyze sample results to ensure that the treatment operations meet targeted removal/treatment objectives and, based on the results, makes appropriate process adjustments. We minimize treatment chemical usage and cost by performing visual observation of process operations and instrumentation, frequently conducting bench scale tests to verify and/or adjust chemical feed rates based on the characteristics of the highly variable influent waters. We ensure that treated water is fully compliant with NPDES discharge permits by monitoring carbon absorption and ion exchange unit efficiencies to predict breakthrough and to schedule regeneration and/or replacement of the media prior to breakthrough.

The final treatment step is ultra-filtration and H&S operators continuously monitor and adjust system operations, periodically clean the membranes, and replace the membranes and all components subject to wear and/or deterioration, ensuring 24/7/365 operation and permit compliance.

H&S operators coordinate maintenance of the sludge holding tanks and periodic removal of brine from the evaporators. We have reduced annual maintenance costs by 10% by reducing of mineral and sludge accumulation in the evaporator.

H&S also handles, transports, and disposes of wastes in accordance with EPA and Massachusetts DEP rules and regulations, preparing the manifesting and required reports.

  • H&S has achieved a 100% compliance record with the discharge permit since taking over treatment plant operation in 2005.
  • We have safely worked over 41,000 labor hours on a 24/7/365 basis with zero OSHA lost time or recordable incidents